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Standard License Agreement


By making a standard license purchase, the buyer automatically becomes bound to and accepts the following terms and conditions of the License Agreement.


  • All standard licenses (leases) are sold non-exclusively and all masters remain property of Mixed Vibes Studios
  • Purchasing a standard license gains the buyer non-exclusive rights and  Mixed Vibes Studios reserves the right to re-license or re-sell the same beat exclusively.
  • The buyer receives a 320 kbps high-quality, untagged MP3 file. Upon payment confirmation, the buyer will be e-mailed the download link.
  • Standard licensing rights allow the buyer to use the beat for ONE commercial project (album, mixtape, EP, demo, etc.) with a limit of 10,000 copies sold.
  • The buyer must either purchase a premium license or exclusive rights to sell more than 10,000 copies and/or to use for multiple projects.
  • All beats used must be credited as follows: “produced by TomSo!” or “prod. by TomSo!”.
  • Using any  Mixed Vibes Studios instrumental without giving proper production credit is NOT permitted.
  • This license expressly FORBIDS resale or other distribution of  Mixed Vibes Studios products in any form, either as they exist or any modification thereof. The buyer SHALL NOT sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, remix, or rearrange any of the products sold or their rights under  Mixed Vibes Studios to another user (i.e. – record label, production company, or producer), or for use in any competitive product.
  • The buyer is responsible for the clearance of any samples that were used to create any beats used from the  Mixed Vibes Studios instrumental catalog.
  • This document serves as the standing agreement between the buyer and  Mixed Vibes Studios. In the event that someone buys exclusive rights to the beat you have licensed non-exclusively, your rights shall stand per your license agreement.
  • Any usage not explicitly allowed by this license, including but not limited to any usage by an unlicensed individual or organization, will be prosecuted.